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Gold Panner looking to sell firewood

A Gold Panner in Placerville to buy a carAre you ready to sell those items lying around that you're tired of looking at?
Are you looking for that certain something?
It's easy, inexpensive and you'll sell or find it fast in The Gold Panner!



Ready to sell that car, refrigerator, couch or personal item?  Place an ad in the next Gold Panner!



Are you looking for a car part or need a gently used item?  Place an ad in the next Gold Panner!


Firewood & Timber

Do you split, stack or sell firewood? Do you fell trees or buy timber?


Another Option...

One other option The Gold Panner has for you is to print out the "FREE COUPON". Sometime we have extra space that we need to fill and we just might need an extra ad or two and we can put your ad in for FREE!! So click here and print out the coupon, full it out and mail it in.  Don't bring it to the office or we'll have to charge you!

You can place an ad for just about anything in the Gold Panner!
Call us at 530-626-5057 for more information.

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